Spain is working on two different COVID-19 vaccines

Spain is working on two different vaccines for COVID-19, from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

The first one is based on the smallpox vaccine and a gene that encodes a coronavirus protein has been introduced to it. This vaccine is safe in humans and therefore would go much faster to clinical trials. However, it is necessary to do some animal testing (such as genetically modified mouse models so that they have the virus receptor and can reproduce human disease) to see that it does indeed have a level of protection. Then it will immediately go on to efficacy trials. This will be the first vaccine to enter clinical trials in Spain.

Compared to the other vaccine in which they are working, it is more complete and is based on an attenuated COVID-19 virus (without the ability to multiply and with less virulence). This vaccine is the complete virus and therefore it would not be a single gene. Thus, it would stimulate all the weapons of the immune system in a more complete way and would have more option to fight the virus infection with one of the most advanced immunizations in the world. The authors point out that it has a very good entry security profile.

Editorial Disclaimer: information published during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic may be updated frequently to reflect the dynamic nature of current understanding.

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